Are you in the market for a pellet grill? But confused about what to pick. But don’t worry at all because we here will describe how you can choose the best pellet grill for yourself. We are going to compare Traeger Pro 575 vs Ironwood 650 which is the best in-class pellet grill already! But there are some pros and cons. We will try to cover all the necessary information for your convenience.

In this article, we will try to demonstrate all the features of these grills. We will discuss Traeger Pro 575 vs Ironwood 650 in depth and try to find out which one will be the better investment for you at that price point. So stop whatever you are doing, let’s start grilling. 

Traeger Pro 575 VS Ironwood 650: Which One is Better?

This table will give you a small overview of the two best products(Traeger Pro 575 vs Ironwood 650) in the market. If you are looking for the best then you can choose according to this table and match your preferences. 

FeaturesTraeger Pro 575Ironwood 650
Cooking capacity575 sq. in650 sq. in
Hopper capacity18 lbs20 lbs
Temperature Range180°F – 500°F260°F – 500°F 
Pallet SensorNoYes
PID ControlYesYes
Super Smoke ModeYesYes
WiFIRE ConnectivityYesYes
Grill Grate MaterialPorcelain- Coated SteelStainless Steel
D2 Direct Drive SystemNoYes
Turbo Temperature featureYesYes
Meat Probe12
Downdraft ExhaustNo Yes
Portable WheelOnly 2 on the rear legAll 4 available
Twin wall ConstructionNoYes

This comparison will help you to make a very important decision which will help you in professional grilling. Let’s find out.

Traeger Pro 575 vs Ironwood 650 – The Small(Untold) Differences

In the market, there are so many grills but talking about professional grills that can seriously elevate your game those are the Traeger Pro 575 & Ironwood 650. Because they are quite similar. Aside from features, there are other things that you should consider before starting to load the pallets. 

When comparing Traeger Pro 575 vs Ironwood 650, it’s worth noting that both models feature the D2 direct driver platform and a DC motor for combustion, but the Ironwood series’ pro models take it a step further with the built-in D2 control model, offering enhanced features like the revolutionary PID algorithm and 5° temperature adjustments.

Talking about the D2 panel can hold and maintain the temperature inside the grill. So that you can cook low and slow. Beef brisket, chicken, vegetables, you name it. It will deliver every dish with perfection. And also the Pro Series models are wifi compatible. That means you can remotely monitor your food via the Traeger app.

Traeger Pro 575 App

But one thing is worth mentioning, There is no “Keep Warm” feature on either of them. But that’s not a deal breaker. The pallet hoppers on the pro series are smaller than the ironwood series 18lbs vs 20lbs to be very specific. So that means that in the Ironwood model 650, you can load a full 20lb bag and don’t have to worry a bit. But in the Traeger Pro 575 model, you have to be cautious about pallets. That’s a very minor difference in my opinion.

If you are purchasing the Ironwood 650 model, investing extra money than the pro model. Then you get an extra Traeger pellet sensor. Which will be a much helpful tool. By that, you can remotely access the grill and manage the temperature. Which you won’t get in the Traeger pro 575 models.

Perfect Temperature Settings For Professional Grilling

As we expressed in our comparison table you can only take the 500° max temperature advantage from the ironwood model. Because these work more efficiently and also use the heat appropriately. But the pro models are limited to only 450°, those models cannot take the proper advantage of the heat. Which may affect the taste of the food. 

But the company later updated the temperature for the pro models too. They now also can take advantage of high temperatures. 

But where will the grilling happen? On the grates right? Talk about them too.

Grilling Areas- Who Wins? Traeger Pro 575 or Ironwood 650?

Traeger Pro 575 Capacity
Traeger Pro 575

If you go to the market for a Traeger pellet grill you won’t find any of them giving you open-fire access. And they are not the best ones either for your chicken or brisket. But for instance, let’s assume that you are a passionate backyard grillmaster. If you just look at the model number you get that the pro model is smaller than the ironwood model. But do you know what the reality is? Both models have a cooking area of 418 sq. 

Ironwood 650 Capacity
Ironwood 650

But the ironwood has a 2nd larger rack space which increases the cooking area. But there are some limitations. You can only use that space for low and slow cooking needs. 

The temperature has become the same after the firmware update from Traeger. So you can save some extra bucks just by buying the pro models. Or if you are serious about your cooking you may get a bigger grill by adding some cash. 

The Build Quality- Traeger Pro 575 vs Ironwood 650

The major difference between those models is that they are made from different materials and finishes. The pro model has porcelain-coated steel and the ironwood has stainless steel. This makes them different. But there is another differentiator too. The main notable differences between them are twin wall construction design.

The Pro series doesn’t have this twin wall construction but the Ironwood series does show this amazing build quality. But you may ask what twin wall structure is. It’s a twin-wall construction design that has better insulation. And the insulation is placed in between the 2 sheets of steel. 

The benefits of having these grills are huge. They perform better in terms of maintaining temperature. Reduce pallet consumption. And especially those who are living in winter areas they should consider buying the Ironwood 650 because it’s a quite handy feature to have. But it’s worth noting that ironwood models are not fully twin-wall constructed pellet grills. 

They are Weber smoke fire pellet grills to be specific. That means that both sides of the wall have the twin wall construction design but the lower section and the lid don’t have the insulation. This twin wall-designed grill shows its true potential during the winter season. But if you are not from the winter area or you don’t cook in the winter then save the extra cash. Go for the pro models.

The Downdraft Exhaust – Traeger Pro 575 vs Ironwood 650

The key differentiator between the pro and ironwood models I believe is the downdraft exhaust. This is the biggest reason behind spending the extra hundred bucks. 

The Traeger Pro 575 has a standard small chimney stack design which is pretty common in the pellet grill industry. And Traeger follows this from the very beginning.

But the advanced design in ironwood has so many useful benefits. The perfect smoked chicken, beef, and salmon have something to do with the science of smoke science. Which is perfectly executed into the Ironwood 650 model.

The advanced and modern design pushes the air into the hopper to heat and fire up the pallets evenly. If you compare this to a traditional exhaust this advanced exhaust provides more heat and better smoke distribution throughout the cooking space. So for better-advanced cooking, you might consider the Ironwood 650. Which is worth the extra cash.

Final Words

So after reading and considering all the available criteria the final words are quite simple. If I summarize every single thing in small words they would be, the Pro models and the Ironwood models have the same temperature settings and limits. So that you can take advantage of that in your cooking session. And for cooking you will get more or less the same space. But the Ironwood 650 has a double rack so technically you get some extra space for smoking and grilling. 

If you are planning to purchase a trailer to enjoy in the winter month. I would suggest you consider the Ironwood 650. It will perform better in those seasons. And this will last long too. 

And for low and slow cooking this downdraft exhaust will be a game changer.  

If you want to upgrade your grilling game to the next level then consider every possible option and take your decision. So start marinating your chicken, because it’s your time to shine.